Two deeply closeted gay men struggle to accept themselves. In a parallel dimension, the Closet Monsters bring hope.

"What an original, entertaining, even hilarious book – a graphic work like no other. I hope it reaches those who need it most."

Justin Case and the Closet Monster is a debut graphic novel about two closeted gay men, Justin and Peter, who struggle to come to terms with who they are. Each man, coming from a different background, has closed the door on the possibility that he might be gay and made a pact with himself to never open it. Luckily for these men, members of The Closet Monster’s Guild – a legion of magical creatures that reside in a parallel dimension – are about to come along and open that door from the other side. A journey of faith, love, and family, this poignant story blends mythology, campy wit, and fantasy to show that while Justin’s path out of the closet has many hurdles, he learns that he is not alone in his quest to accept himself and find true love.


"[T]his is a first-rate graphic novel. I was completely surprised at the depths of the storytelling....very admirable job with this book. I think that we should all have a Closet Monster in our life".

"[A] beautiful queer fable for the young and young at heart...a sweet, young gay man exploring the magic of a world that was always there for him to see if only he looked. Julien creates Justin’s world with a cartoonist’s sensibilities combined with a decorative art aesthetic and a sophisticated color palette."

"A breakthrough in creative writing and thought...Beautifully written story and the art work and colors are incredible. A lot of thought and courage went into the development and concept of these stories and many are quite comical yet thought inspiring". - NYC COMIC GEEKS

An "Indie Title Doing Right by LGBTA Fans" - COMICOSITY

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